Life Insurance

Secure The Financial Future And Stability Of Your Loved Ones

Life Insurance

Life insurance is an important policy to have if you want to protect the financial future and the stability of your loved ones. By purchasing a life insurance policy today you are securing your family’s income and guaranteeing peace of mind for you and your loved ones. Whether you want to make sure that your children go to college without the financial stress, or if you want your family to pay off the mortgage, have enough money to cover the bills, and have enough cash in the time of need, life insurance can provide all of these benefits and more.

Uses of Life Insurance

  • Creates an Immediate Estate for Your Loved Ones
  • Establishes an Education Fund for Your Child(ren)
  • Pays for the Final Expenses
  • Builds Up Cash Value (if it’s a permanent policy)
  • Pays off the Mortgage
  • Pays off the Bills
  • Provides Cash
  • Guarantees Your Future Insurability

If you have a life insurance policy through work, it might have a very low coverage amount. If you switch jobs, or when you retire, you will lose the coverage that you currently have since you are not the owner of the policy that you have through work. At that time, if you have a medical condition you can become uninsurable or your premium could double or triple. Don’t delay getting your life insurance policy.

The cost of the life insurance coverage increases each year as you age. Call Prestige Insurance to get a quote and to go over the policies and options that are available to you. Once you are approved you will lock in your rate and your guaranteed insurability up to the amount of coverage on the policy. Call us today so that we can tell you how to secure your family’s future with an affordable plan that fits your needs: (254)340-4633

Below are the life insurance plans we offer.

Term Life Policy

One of the cheapest plans that you can get, which gives you an opportunity to go with the highest coverage amount. This type of policy will cover you for a specific term – a certain number of years, usually 10, 15, 20 or 30. With this policy, the benefit is paid only if you pass away during the specific term.

Whole Life Policy

Covers you for as long as you live. Your coverage and premium amounts remain level for the rest of your life. The whole life policy generates guaranteed tax deferred cash value that you can borrow through a loan.

Universal Life

A type of a flexible permanent life insurance that generates tax deferred cash value based on the current interest rate. This rate fluctuates and affects the cash that is generated. The universal policy can lapse if not properly funded, but most insurance companies have a no-lapse guarantee policy that will not lapse if you keep paying the premium. You can also borrow cash from the policy in a form of a loan.


A type of a financial product that provides you with a steady cash flow at a later date upon the maturation of the annuity. There are several products available, which dictate how the money is paid into the annuity and how the money is paid out. There are immediate, deferred, fixed and variable annuities.

Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

A type of an individual retirement plan that offers the tax benefits for your retirement savings. There are several types of IRA’s, such as a Traditional, Roth, SEP and SIMPLE.
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